Peterhead showrooms enjoy bumper car sales in 2013

Gillanders manager Paul Becci is delighted final quarter sales have been so strong.

Gillanders manager Paul Becci is delighted final quarter sales have been so strong.

Car showrooms in Peterhead have reported record sales figures for 2013, ahead of the UK market.

Gillanders and Arnold Clark were both boosted by better than expected sales in December.

The former recorded an annual increase of 20 percent in sales of Peugeot cars.

Car sales nationwide were also strong, up 14 percent on 2012.

Gillanders’ general manager Paul Becci said: “This year, and in particular new models, has been a great success story for us.

“We have sold 30 new cars in December alone, it’s the best December we’ve ever had.”

The end of year figures were bolstered by huge demand for new models including Peugeot’s new small crossover, the 2008.

Mr Becci continued: “A lot of those orders only went through in December.

“With so many deals on offer, some new cars are now more affordable than second-hand offerings.

“Usually sales are strongest in the first quarter of the year - confidence is growing and people are feeling buoyant and bullish and expecting things to go better than the year before. That’s human nature.

“On the flip side, sales in the final quarter are ususally lower as consumers focus on Christmas shopping.

“Not so this year - for the first time ever the final quarter of the year was the most successful, not just here at Gillanders but across the UK.

“I’m touching wood because as a car salesman this is something quite special.”

The Gillanders team have also started 2014 in a strong position and already have a bank of orders 28 deep.

The Arnold Clark dealership, specialising in Ford cars, has had similar success, thriving on repeat business.

Sales manager Scott Ward told the Buchanie: “We’ve had a successful year and there has been a dramatic increase in sales.

“Ford as a brand have had good financial offers including personal contract purchase.

“Ford have really pushed the barrier forward - they’re not necessarily the cheapest but their quality is second to none.”

Mr Ward’s team have benefitted from the popularity of Ford cars - the Fiesta and Focus are the UK’s top and second top best selling cars in the UK respectively.




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