Academy pupils take part in bake-off event

The winning team with special guest judge, Graham Smith of The Tufted Duck

The winning team with special guest judge, Graham Smith of The Tufted Duck

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Peterhead Academy hosted The Great Commonwealth Bake off 2014 recently with 13 S2 Home Economics classes competing against each other.

Pupils in their class were in commonwealth groups and created a shortbread biscuit incorporating commonwealth country ingredients and spices.

Within each class, the pupils had to make a batch and evaluated their biscuit.

They created a manufacturing name and a name for their biscuit too.

Each class had an overall winning biscuit which was then put forward to the Great Commonwealth Bake Off on Thursday, May 22.

The 13 winning class teams created their biscuit again along with a power point and presentation stand.

In the afternoon, their biscuits and presentations were staged in front of the three judges who were executive chef at the Tufted Duck, Graham Smith, Peterhead Academy unit catering supervisor Christine Wright and Peterhead Academy S2 year head Mr Mullen.

The winning team was class 2-04.

Their Commonwealth region was Africa, their manufacturers name was “Tribal Warriors” and their biscuit was named “Bananey Pyramid”.

The team comprised of Claudia Freitas-Ferreira, Renz Mangalile, Russell Grant, Ross Innes and Greta Uosyte.

They each won a gold certificate and an engraved rolling pin to celebrate the event.

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