Julia Park Barry of Glasgow


Buchan councillors will decide on Tuesday whether or not to give planning permission in principle for the siting of a restored lifeboat as a public exhibition at the Lido in Peterhead.

Plans have been submitted by McAdam Design (Scotland) Ltd, seeking consent in principle for the siting of the Julia Park Barry of Glasgow lifeboat for public exhibition at the Lido’s lower terrace.

A public meeting was held at the town’s Palace Hotel recently at which eight objectors slammed proposals to build a museum to house the lifeboat at the Lido’s upper embankment.

Peterhead Lifeboat Museum Trust is now looking to seek planning consent in principle for a public exhibition at the lower embankment site.

The application site extends to approximately 500m and does not identify any footpath or other access.

The agent has engaged in pre-application discussions with the council during a search for sites for both this proposal and the proposed museum.

These discussions focused on a small number of council-owned options at the Lido and not an exhaustive search of the town. Councillors will hear that a total of 16 representations as have been received; all object or express some concern about the proposal. This does not include multiple representations from the same household which equate to 17 letters in total.

However, it should be noted that a considerable number of representations were registered against the museum application and it is possible that some of these also referred to this proposal.

In a report to Tuesday’s meeting, planning chief Stephen Archer says the aim and preference is to deliver the museum, but given the uncertainty about the funding situation, this proposal is viewed by the steering group as an alternative whereby visitors and residents alike can appreciate the vessel.

“Due to an initial funding deadline, the two applications for planning permission in principle were submitted. It is now understood that a second deadline later this year means further time to work up the museum proposal can be taken and this proposal has been withdrawn meantime.

“The primary planning issue is whether the siting of the lifeboat in this location would be detrimental to the character and amenity of the area.

“The development will not cause the loss of a significant area of open space, allotments or woodland important to the community. This area at the lido has a diverse collection of uses and attractions and it is not considered that siting the lifeboat in a position here adjacent to the marina and the bay will appear incongruous.

“The siting will also not interfere with existing or proposed uses that are known at this time, but unlike a more permanent structure could be relocated if necessary.

“Finally, it is not disputed that the Lido is important to the community, but the loss of a relatively small area of open space for the siting of a lifeboat cannot be considered significant.”